Repeat Prescriptions

Our prescription line is open from 09:30 - 14:30, Monday to Friday. We will no longer be able to accept paper requests and all prescriptions will be sent to a nominated pharmacy. Please call us on 01772 325111 to order your prescriptions. 

New Patients 

Please note - The Practice will need proof of medication (computer printout). If you are unable to provide this, we will need to contact your previous GP for details. It would be appreciated if you could give us this information to avoid any delay. This has been implemented to ensure safe prescribing for all our patients as errors can occur if verbal information is given to our practice.

We will aim to have ACUTE PRESCRIPTIONS ready after 16:00 if ordered before 11:00, but please be aware this isn't always possible due to increased demand at busy times.  

Please allow 48 hours for repeat prescriptions (not including weekends and Bank Holidays).

All repeat prescriptions are recorded on and issued from our practice computer and will have a counterfoil attached. This details all your repeat medication. Please tick items required on this counterfoil when ordering. This will help to minimize any errors that may occur. A record of these requests is kept for 1 month for audit purposes.


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